Consultant Geologist in the Oil and Gas Industry

Consultant Geologist: the advantages of hiring one

Consultant geologists, in the oil and gas industry, provide contract services to clients bringing outside experience and a different perspective which allows us to help companies identify and solve several different problems.

Geological consulting services include expert and experienced advice regarding all aspects of geology at the wellsite. While always promoting a safe working environment, we give the employer peace of mind through the supervision of personnel and operations, keeping the client always represented and updated regarding all aspects of the daily activity, auditing third party services, among other duties.

The presence of a consulting geologist at the wellsite ensures that the operator can properly contact and communicate with the service companies working at the rig, being able to transmit their intent and concerns, knowing said services are constantly supervised and that their quality is controlled and assured.

Through our specialized and specific skill sets, contract geologists bring a whole new value to drilling operations, especially when operators are understaffed, as we are versatile and can work on temporary or permanent projects weather they are close or far away in remote locations.

Case studies

Offshore Denmark, 2013-2016

The client’s staff may sometimes not be as experienced as desired, especially during an industry upturn. That is one of the areas where a consulting geologist can contribute, as we can train and mentor company staff right where the operations take place, the rigsite.

This was the case in Denmark where I contributed to the training of junior geologists and geophysicists who came on board the drilling platform.

This provided junior personnel the chance to quickly grasp more easily certain aspects of on site drilling and geological operations, which may not be fully observed from an office.

Offshore Tunisia, 2013

Tunisia was a good example of how important the contribution from a geological consultancy expert can be for the oil and gas company.

Due to careful vigilance, constant LWD log analysis, and cuttings observation, an unexpected 200m (MDRT) early entry into the reservoir was detected, which could have had severe consequences for the safety of the personnel and the entire operation.

Another example would be that of wireline logging operations supervision in which the wireline team was successfully led to quickly discover a faulty component in their cabin. This situation could have compromised the following morning operation, regarding operational timings and helicopter flight costs, as an extra helicopter would have been flown out just to replace this part and the rig would have had to be put on standby waiting for it’s arrival. As the team discovered the damaged component at night, we were able to order a new replacement to arrive in the usual morning helicopter flight.

Typically provided geological consulting services




Evaluation and prediction:

Wellbore Monitoring:



Third party service supervision (QA/QC):


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