Camels pay a visit to onshore rig

About me

A quick overview

I started my career as a geologist back in 2004, when I finished my BSc in Geology, by working in a Hydrogeology project for a city hall and later for an environmental consultancy company where I was creating and managing the GIS side of each project.

In 2007 I had the chance to join the oil and gas industry through mudlogging and did so for almost 6 years.

In 2012 I took the step to join a renowned geological agency and began my career as a consultant wellsite geologist.

You can find below more details about my work experience and other informations. You can contact me directly to find out more about me through the contact link on the top right of this page or by clicking here.

Work experience


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Want to know more?

For more information please head to the contact page, or click here, to send me a message.

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