Rig and wellsite view from afar in the desert dunes

Upstream Oil and Gas Geology Consulting Services

Desert Dune and Sky

About me

I am a consultant geologist providing wellsite geology services to the oil and gas industry and act as a geological wellsite supervisor.

My career in the oil fields started in 2007 as a mudlogger and then as a data engineer. Click the image above to find out more about me.

Onshore Rig at Dusk in Urban Environment

Consultant Services

Find out more about the services I provide by clicking the image above or here.

Having specialized in wellsite geology allows me to give clients detailed information regarding all aspects of the drilled geology and daily ongoing operations at the wellsite.

Offshore Production Platform in the distance

Wellsite Geology

If you are interested in wellsite geology and would like to know more details about this profession, please click the image above to read more about it and find out what we do on a rigsite.

Offshore Calm Sea and Clowds in the Sky


Get in touch by sending me a message. Click the image above or click here.

Depending on where I am currently working, I may have limited internet connection and may take some time to reply.

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